Molle a elica di compressione, molle a trazione, molle a torsione, molle a balestra, molle a bovolo e molle auto

We produce a wide range of traction springs with eyelets of the German, English, closed, semi-closed, elongated, double type, with rotary insert and in round wire from 0.3 mm to 20.00 mm.

Our springs are manufactured with carbon drawn wire and are compliant with the standard EN 10270-1; pre-tempered wire associated with the CrSi and with the Cr V and compliant with the standard EN 10270-2; stainless steel wire compliant with the standard EN 10270-3; Inconel 750.

Cold wrapped springs made from 51CrV4 steel compliant with the standard EN 10089-2006 can be created, subsequently processed to achieve the desired elastic characteristics.

On request we can perform surface treatments on the springs such as epoxy or liquid coating, electrolytic galvanising, burnishing and cataphoresis.