Molle a elica di compressione, molle a trazione, molle a torsione, molle a balestra, molle a bovolo e molle auto

We produce a wide range of compression coil springs for all applications, including for the market of earth-moving and agricultural machines, of mechanical vibro-sieves, of tensioner groups for pneumatic servo-motors for pipelines and for the railway sector.

We produce springs in round wire from 20 mm up to 65 mm and with a maximum development of the bar of 14000 mm. Our springs are made of steels according to the standard EN 10089-2006 with bars that are rolled or skived and burnished, or adjusted according to specific customer requirements. The optimal choice in terms of quality used is based on the steel wire diameter. After “hot" winding, the springs undergo thermal processing treatment to obtain the desired mechanical properties. They then undergo shot peening treatment to increase their life span, countering fatigue.

Where required, magnetic particle control is operated.

For surface protection paints or alternatively oiling is used.