Molle a elica di compressione, molle a trazione, molle a torsione, molle a balestra, molle a bovolo e molle auto


Springs Group Srl is a company specialised in producing springs for industrial applications, which bases its expertise in the experience of people who, for more than fifty years, have actively worked in this field within a technical, sales and production context.

Springs Group Srl is a modern and dynamic company with a flexible and efficient structure, qualities that allow the company to be a reliable and preferred partner of prestigious groups in the various industrial sectors, both national and international.

Springs Group Srl is able to offer a wide range of production which includes

compression springs in round wire with up to 65.00 mm of diameter,

with eyelets of the German, English, closed, semi-closed, elongated, double type and with rotary insert,

torsion Springs,

leaf Springs,

volute Springs,

and also strip veneer items.

All our items are used in the electromechanical and hydraulic industries, on earth-moving and agriculture machines, on automatic machines, in industrial systems, in pneumatic equipment, in hydraulic servo-motors for pipelines, on vibro-sieves and in railway and automotive applications.

Springs Group Srl at its production facilities boasts a technologically advanced machine park coupled with the experience and professionalism of its personnel and the use of top quality raw materials, allowing the group to be a reliable partner for its customers.

Springs Group Srl, thanks to the considerable experience acquired in the design and production of springs, is able to satisfy a wide variety of requirements. We work with a Quality Management System, the company is certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.